DOM Applicant Information
The East Tennessee Baptist Association is seeking resumes for the position of Director of Missions (DOM). The committee is prayerfully seeking the man that God has for the position. We are open to receiving resumes for full-time, part-time, and interim candidates. 

​Applicants should sent resumes to the committee via email or USPS. Emails: Missy Ottinger & USPS: ETBA DOM Search Committee PO Box 38 Newport, TN 37822

1. The DOM should be a person confident of his calling of God. He should be fully committed to Christian service and missions.
2. The DOM should be loyal and dedicated to Southern Baptist concepts, doctrine, and programs.
3. The DOM should possess a thorough knowledge of Southern Baptist church programs, specifically relating to missions.
4. The DOM should have a college degree and have some seminary training and/or job experience equal to the educational requirements.
5. The DOM’s past experience should include service as a pastor and/or mission related work, and service in a religious education field/office would also be helpful.
6. The DOM must have strong administrative skills; he must be able to communicate effectively and to organize thoroughly to aid churches.
7. The DOM must be able to relate constructively to all people whether they be highly educated or have little formal training.
8. The DOM must be of a personable nature and emotionally stable. The DOM’s dedication to his own family and their well being is important.

Personal Qualifications